A NEW WAY TO PLAY?! Boom Beach

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boom beach gold ring
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boom beach gold ring

boom beach gold ring and boom beach hack

16 thoughts to “A NEW WAY TO PLAY?! Boom Beach”

  1. How come Clash of Clans get a big update of having the “town hall 12”? and I’m thinking that boom Beach team should be considering “Task Force vs Task Force Wars” and a new “Hq 23”. Also, I think we need more unique troops and new defenses.

  2. 3 Years and 3 Days. I just scrolled down on your video list and the oldest one (assuming you didn't delete any older ones) was June 5th, 2015. It was less than 2 minutes and you literally uttered 1 word in the whole video.

  3. Task force wars has been requested for years, at least 4-5 years ago. I just came back after a 2 year break, from when i started playing this game people have requested it.

  4. I think something that would be cool would to add a new task force type where if you take out all of the bases in an op you can take on a bigger base for no intel that all players can attack in but the actual price is that the tf would only get half the force points they were supposed to get if they didn't take it out but if they do they can start their next op 2 hours early I think that the base should have lots of ice and a new mechanic could be added in too where the base could have multiple floors and you have to take out specific parts of the base to move forward I think that it shouldn't scale with the op though and more with the amount of players I know it's a long shot but I think that would be really cool for an update sometime in the future

  5. I wouldn’t get our hopes too much about “ new way to play” If history teaches us anything the next update will be bug filled and underwhelming as usual . Even when they add cool new artwork and concepts ..like new protos , the actual use of these things in real game play is not great. Games like clash , which have been around even longer than boom are constantly trying to revive their game , where boom beach just continues to drive players away with uncreative tired updates . Like extra gbe abilities ..and more crab that is all just repeated stuff . I hope they do find a way to bring life into the game ….but I fear for the future of this game

  6. The music in background is same as the Klaus Gaming probably used for most(if not all) of his videos(livestreams & outros).

  7. tf vs tf is only possible after op is finished and time is left for tf vs tf. it doesn't fit in with dr t,hammerman and gear heart

  8. A new way to play ? Could it be the graphics are going to change, the angles that we view the game ? Are we going to get airborne Heroes or troops ? Mmmmmmm interesting 🧐

  9. Hey chicken, I posted a TFVSTF idea in the supercell forum, it explains a plausible way of implementing the TFvsTF in the game.the thread topic is called (TASKFORCE VS TASKFORCE scheme) .check it out

  10. I'm not sure about the forcing statue balance to seek "fair" TF v TF is such a good idea.

    How about this… at the beginning of the campaign between 2 TFs, each player on each TF selects the Player who must hit them.? If a TF has a player w/ a wildly out of balance base, that person will either always get picked or never get picked. Let the "marketplace" decide by self-interested choice what works best and what doesn't. Now, in this scenario a person probably needs the capability to assign some of his/her attacks to other people. (no longer necessarily just 1 attack per TFvTF campaign).

    or maybe, parity is required…

    each player visits the top Tribal dude to "pay respects" (again, before the campaign starts). Tribal dude selects a statue layout and sends you on your way…
    The final statue layout selected for BOTH TFs to use for that campaign is the average … with penalties applied to TF who had players SKIP the visit entirely.

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