Boom Beach Cheats 2018 (Android | iOS)


BOOM BEACH Cheats Hach Online!

Boom Beach Cheats 2018 (Android | iOS)

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As you know new version of boom beach cheats was released and now you can enjoy your free diamonds!
This boom beach hack works on your iphone, ipad and android devices too.

Just follow simple video instructions and you will learn how to use fresh boom beach cheats 2018 in no time..
Many top players using these hacks but they are not bragging about it because it will be perma ban from supercell.
Also were some videos floating how players got attacked with big armies from new players.
So how do you think they buy diamonds worth thousands of dollars or just use our cheats?

So good luck playing with tons of diamonds and please start from smaller ammounts and don’t get caught!

Boom Beach Bugs team
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