Boom Beach Dr. T. Unboosted Gameplay hooka Walkthrough for Feb. 7, 2015

boom beach hooka guide
boom beach hooka guide
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A guide on how to take down Dr. T. stages 1-7 with heavies and zookas.

Stage 1: 0:00
Stage 2: 0:44
Stage 3: 1:28
Stage 4: 2:31
Stage 5: 3:56
Stage 6: 5:49
Stage 7: 7:40

Boom Beach is a beautifully nuanced tower defense/attack strategy game where you can pit your skills against other players and NPCs. Manage your base and use your resources to fuel your army as you try to defend innocent natives against the evil Blackguard.

Troop info:

Riflemen – Max
Heavy – Max
Zooka – Max
Warrior – Max
Tank – Max
Medic – Max
Grens – Max
Scorcher – Max
Cryoneer – Max

Gun Boat Abilities:

Artillery – Max
Barrage – Max
Medkit – Max
Critters – Max
Flare – Max
Shock Bomb – Max
Smoke Screen – Max


GBE – 41+17+16+16+16
TD – 25+13
TH – 34
Video Rating: / 5

boom beach hooka guide

boom beach hooka guide and boom beach hack

Hooka Smoke Timing

boom beach hooka guide

6 thoughts to “Boom Beach Dr. T. Unboosted Gameplay hooka Walkthrough for Feb. 7, 2015”

  1. Great videos Ryan. I've just watched a few of them. Zmot (anon moose) referenced you in his video. I really like how clean and concise your videos are. Awesome dude

  2. next video on hooka u do u should do some thing on killspots. i see people choose different approaches like going behing core on corner bases. going in front of hq like u do. then the shield gen approach were u try all the mentioned methods and the flank/smoke to core then to hq after it kills shield.

    i think showing the methods and briefly touching on the pros and cons of each method

  3. question in regards to the video. the 3 smoke landing. i notoce u dropped a 4th smoke were dropped the three. for the troops while they were walking up. i dont think u needed it tbh. u could of timed the three smokes to save the gbe.

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