Boom Beach | Ep.5 | Wood Idol Get’s A Friend!

boom beach idol guide
boom beach idol guide
BOOM BEACH Cheats Hach Online!

Boom Beach | Ep.5 | Wood Idol Get's A Friend!

Thanks for watching, and if you enjoyed watching me play Boom Beach, give it a thumbs up!

boom beach idol guide

In today’s episode of Boom Beach Bonanza I record a voiceover whilst playing the game. Anything could happen! Comment below what you want to see next!

boom beach idol guide

boom beach idol guide and boom beach cheats

Boom Beach Gameplay and Commentary

Hey guys, this video is one of many on SuperCell’s newest game Boom Beach.

This quick video will show you how to beat the level 25 Hammerman’s Boss using only 15 Warriors.

Everything you need to know about the game here:


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Artist: Daenine
Track: Deformington

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boom beach idol guide

16 thoughts to “Boom Beach | Ep.5 | Wood Idol Get’s A Friend!”

  1. Teejay, you can level up the weapons in your resource base when people take your resource base from you. When you take the resource base back it will notify you that certain weapons have been upgraded

  2. can you make a canadian account and give me the email and passward so i can get boom beach i really want it. please please help me

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