Boom Beach Free Diamond Glitch


BOOM BEACH Cheats Hach Online!

Here’s how to get free diamonds in Boom Beach. Try it before Supercell patch the game, Boom Beach free diamond glitch.
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boom beach cheats iphone

Boom Beach |

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boom beach cheats iphone

18 thoughts to “Boom Beach Free Diamond Glitch”

  1. Dear MasterOv
    I dont know if you will understand what i say next but. (based on a true
    story). Me and my brother are big fans of Boom Beach and You.
    So we havr an offer for you so i ask you to join your Force. The proplem is
    you dont let noobs and low lvl players in i understand that. We started
    playing Boom Beach resently mounth ago not everyday ofc but i will tell you
    why. We work in Army good strategians and helped win many wars (town and
    country) (btw we are majors) and we have great potencial for strategy power
    nobudy has seen before (since non great strategiest in army play bb) so see
    this as request to harvest this power before anyone bc nobudy understands
    that. (if you re/think lower the requirement to 150)

    Thanks for recently your dear Aleksa 😉 

  2. Masterov you are so cool but one problem you reqierments for boom beach and
    clash of clans trophies are a bit annoying for people that don’t have that
    and struggle to get that reqierment

  3. Yo OV listen
    i talked to u a few hours ago and u said that i will be able to join but
    its 9 pm in my country so can u send me a clan request? i am a really big
    fan and i really wanna talk to you so…. yea
    i really love ur videos
    please read it and replay
    thx 😀 have a great day 😀 <3

  4. Hey Ov im lvl 40 and i got 287 medals and i wonder if i can Join, IGN:
    Sindre or Sindre05 cant remember xD

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