Boom Beach June Update – Sneak Peek #1

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boom beach hack latest update
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Boom Beach June Update - Sneak Peek #1

The June Update for Boom Beach is almost upon us and in anticipation we go over the new hero levels in detail using the dev build. Lots of exciting stuff with both Sgt. Brick and Dr. Kavan. Never thought I’d say ‘exciting’ and ‘Kavan’ in the same sentence….

► The dev build is invite only from Supercell. I did not hack the game and I cannot get you access. Thanks for reading!

Now that we’ve figured out all of the details people can plan their upgrades a little better. Finally a reason to spend the Boom Beach Hero Tokens and spend the Trader Tickets! See the link below for a high res copy of the image!


With the new hero levels Brick gets slightly stronger (being able to hit a boom mine will be great) but Doctor Kavan gets significantly more powerful (yes I consider it a buff). Far better healing, damage reduction and Second Wind is off the charts better.

If you have any questions, corrections, criticisms or comments please don’t hesitate to leave me a note!

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boom beach hack latest update

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16 thoughts to “Boom Beach June Update – Sneak Peek #1”

  1. Just 1 thing I'd like to mention about this sneak peak video that disappointed me a little….. u never said "That's bananas" once. Can you please rectify this on the next sneak peak to keep your whole fan base happy 👍

  2. Still trying to figure out how Kavan will be viable…maybe rzcm with a whole bunch of pink johnsons. Smokey TGM, let the tanks get killed then do a long walk perhaps with SW when you arrive to bring them back. Not sure, but it looks interesting

  3. Nice pattern you’ve made with the the statues and mines…..

    We should be able to have a flag with the TF’s chosen design/in game logo on that you can put out on your base (for a cost – 1 Million Gold??). That would be cool.

  4. Hyped for the sneak peeks to come. But hope that button size isnt gonna make it into the actual build. i already press the wrong things from time to time. My big fingers wont like it lol

  5. I'll be updating both heroes, but not sure if I will be upgrading any abilities. As sure as I spend my 320 tokens, BB will release a new hero with awesome abilities or buff an existing ability.

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