Boom Beach Trader is Here! Trader Crates from red submarine.

boom beach submarine glitch
boom beach submarine glitch
BOOM BEACH Cheats Hach Online!

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The Trader is a mysterious character who visits your island every week in a large red submarine.
She arrives Friday evening and departs Sunday evening local time.
She offers Trader Crates as well as some other offers.

Icon trader ticket
Trader Tickets are obtained in two ways: collecting a Daily Reward or collecting a Supply Chest. Both of these yield 1 Trader Ticket regardless of your Rank.
Trader Tickets are used for obtaining Trader Crates.

Trader Crate
Trader Crates are obtained using Trader Tickets. The first Trader Crate per week is free but subsequent Trader Crates will cost you Trader Tickets.
Each Trader Crate contains random rewards, including basic resources and Prototype Modules, but will guarantee at least one Hero Token.

Every time the Trader arrives, in addition to offering Trader Crates, she will also offer three different extra offers which can be used to trade for other types of Resources.
There are three offers available every week. Some of these extra offers may only be purchased once while others may be purchased more than once.
These trades include, but are not limited to:
Hero Tokens for Resources, including Diamonds
A particular type of resource for another particular type of resource (e.g. Gold for Wood)
One or more of certain type of Power Stone for a different type of Power Stone (e.g. 3 Life Crystals for 3 Dark Crystals).
One or more of a certain Prototype Module for a different Prototype Module (e.g. 3 Power Rods for 3 Critical Fuses)
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boom beach submarine glitch

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