Clash Of Clans | Golem Or Giant?! | Best Attack Strategy Gowipe Gowiwi Guide Tactic


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Clash Of Clans | Golem Or Giant?! | Best Attack Strategy Gowipe Gowiwi Guide Tactic

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24 thoughts to “Clash Of Clans | Golem Or Giant?! | Best Attack Strategy Gowipe Gowiwi Guide Tactic”

  1. ok so for me, giants are only better if you have at least one or two
    healing spells, otherwise the wiz towers will melt them. Also if they have
    like 4 or 5 wiz in cc and you dumped all your giants, they will get rekt
    even with a heal spell. higher level raids will probably be better with a
    golem because they are overall more consistent. but I think that golems are
    way too expensive, and at th8, I need all the DE I can get. I think they
    are both good troops and one may be better than the other depending on the

  2. I tried everything but only this method:
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  3. I rather go with the Giants , the golems like he said are a lot slower and
    take up a lot of space, not to mention the cost and time it takes . The
    Giants are a lot cheaper both time and elixir wise and also , you can use a
    lot more of them at a time!

    Go Giants!

  4. Way not use a golem as a meat sboeld for giants and mages and then just
    literally overroll the enemys defense

  5. The reason golems work better in most bases is because of multi targeting
    inferno towers. Giants get creamed by them while golems have more health
    and there is fewer which means golems will take less damage around them
    than giants if well placed

  6. Golem is clearly better if you are patient and spread them out evenly over
    about 90 degrees of the enemy base. Bombs (small or giant), spring traps,
    wiz towers, multi target inferno towers, and mortars essentially do next to
    nothing to them. The point defense hurts them similarly(if comparing max
    level). Really the only downside to them is slightly less distraction
    coverage, single target infernos eat them up faster, and they don’t
    contribute much damage but your back up troops can cover that. I recently
    gave up my L3 Pekka war attacks (4 Pekka with wiz/arch) for Golem attacks
    (3 golems, 2 pekka, less wiz/arch) and had much more consistent success. I
    don’t even touch giants in any way anymore.

  7. well..if there is th10 with single target infernos i use giants as they do
    way more damage and with rage they are nearly unstoppable. bear in mind
    that spring traps do not sit all at one place so even if you get on 2 of
    them its not a big deal, most of the time you hit th 10 for 2 stars no
    matter if its gowipe or giwipe so if giwipe does the trick u save a lot of
    de. when it comes to multi inferno its tricky as its way easier to kill all
    giants, but also giants will absorb all damage from inferno so ur wizards
    can wreck it apart without taking damage at all while on golem raids ur dps
    troops still get hit by inferno unless these are skeletons. but then again
    giants die faster. i cannot tell which is better actually vs multi infernos
    as a lot of practice needed vs same target plus with giants healing spell
    or spells is a must.

  8. You forget one thing; when giants keep dying, their damages decreases while
    golem has its damage at the same level until it dies

  9. A good strategy is to just use 1 golem in the giant crowd because of what
    it can do in an emergency. Its sole purpose is to be the super-meat shield
    as giving it any DPS would be like giving good DPS to a lava hound.

  10. Golems are incredibly good and so are Giants but to compare them together
    mathematically the golems win al though Giants can take defences out faster
    golems don’t get tickled by a spring trap.

  11. Ur gay and plus it was 7 witches and golems are better cos of the hitpoints
    spring traps and depending on how many giants u used and golems mutipliy


  12. Usually I go with giant, wiz, barb raids. Lure out barb king and cc to get
    those barbs and two Wiz’s to take out him and clan castle troops and then
    release my giants. He only used a ratio of giants and that still did
    damage. I release 25 and spring traps usually take out 5 but I say giants
    because if every troop dies which it happens sometimes a few golems take 2
    minutes to tear up one loot while a few giants take minor secs… But its
    all about the preference of the attacker. But 40 giants will do major
    damage to a def… Unless it has inferno towers… Think about that.

  13. I think that the Giants are the best for all attacks except for against
    inferno towers. Like all the way through town hall 9 until you start
    attacking inferno towers. I am town hall 8 so I know what I’m talking

  14. To be honest, they are pretty much, if not exactly, equal. Where the Golems
    do bad, the Giants do good and vice versa. Its all about how you attack.
    Giants are mainly for lower level players, like town hall 1’s to most town
    hall 8’s. Golems are more suitable for Town hall 9’s and 10’s and also,
    Golems aren’t really used in multiplayer raids, its mainly giants. Some
    people may choose just based on personal preference and that’s fine.
    Doesn’t mean you’re right. I’m still making my decision. Getting level 4
    Dark Barracks in like 6 hours so I’m gonna practice Golem raids on
    Multiplayer so I’m ready for Clan wars

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