Clash of Clans: Rapid Raiding Using the BArch Army!

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boom beach max gold per hour
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We’ve got Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and Star Wars Commander Let’s Plays, tips, tricks, strategies, & tactics to help YOU get the MOST out of your mobile games!

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We’ve now FULLY upgraded our Townhall 8 in Clash of Clans and are moving on to Townhall 9 and have some AWESOME tips and tactics in this playlist:

Boom Beach Let’s Play Playlist: Watch as we play through Boom Beach from the very beginning, adapting our base designs and attack strategies in real-time as we upgrade our Headquarters:

Want to beat ALL of the Clash of Clans Single Player bases using the SMALLEST armies and reaping the GREATEST rewards? Check out our Playlist:

We also have playlists for Boom Beach Base Attack Strategies for Hammerman’s HQ’s and Dr. Terror’s Stages of Terror HQ’s:
Dr. Terror:
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boom beach max gold per hour

boom beach max gold per hour and boom beach hack

15 thoughts to “Clash of Clans: Rapid Raiding Using the BArch Army!”

  1. @ previous comment: and by one starring those guys with barch, every defense loss would mean 6-8 attacks, not including fails which will be often, to regain defensive lost trophies. There's no way

  2. Spidey lets be real here. Theres no way you will make it to 3000, maybe not even 2800. Plus, there's no "avoiding th10s" past 2700 and you wont make it past those. Every defense you will lose 30-50 trophies from revenges and such.

  3. Can I please join your clan please I am a long time subscriber, since the cod black ops days haha loved those videos so much! And I was so excited that you do clash of clans videos too so please please let me join I'm a th8 almost maxed defence and I'm currently farming search me up on the clan The Internet my name in NINJAGUY

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