Critters+Médicos VS Dr.Terror – BOOM BEACH TIPS


BOOM BEACH Cheats Hach Online!

Critters+Médicos VS Dr.Terror - BOOM BEACH TIPS

Bicharracos, médicos en el Dr.Terror al completo!
Si lo compartís con amigos, gente de vuestra fuerza operativa o en redes sociales, os lo agradecería mucho.
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boom beach tips

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We’ve now FULLY upgraded our Townhall 8 in Clash of Clans and are moving on to Townhall 9 and have some AWESOME tips and tactics in this playlist:

Boom Beach Let’s Play Playlist: Watch as we play through Boom Beach from the very beginning, adapting our base designs and attack strategies in real-time as we upgrade our Headquarters:

Want to beat ALL of the Clash of Clans Single Player bases using the SMALLEST armies and reaping the GREATEST rewards? Check out our Playlist:

We also have playlists for Boom Beach Base Attack Strategies for Hammerman’s HQ’s and Dr. Terror’s Stages of Terror HQ’s:
Dr. Terror:
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boom beach tips

23 thoughts to “Critters+Médicos VS Dr.Terror – BOOM BEACH TIPS”

  1. Te voy a invitar a mi fuerza operativa con tu cuenta pequeña para que hablemos de si te unes con tu grande soy reusben99 o goalkepeer uno de los dos te invitara a descoc beach

  2. Soy nivel 48 y para mi esta súper complicado el dr terror, solo puedo pasar 6 fases, la 7 es demasiado u.u no todos tenemos lanchas tan buenas :c

  3. Deberias subir videos de tu cuenta pequeña,ya que no todos estamos a ese lvl,Y que suerte la tuya de que encuentres recursos seguidamente,por que para nosotros los lvl bajos no los roban de una vez, Saludos y Buen video¡¡¡

  4. Es que eres grande! Ojalá tengas millones de subscriptores, ya tengo la duda resuelta de la coronel esa que te estaba preguntando en el anterior video que porque no lo subías, y cual es el evento? Un saludo :)

  5. I have scouted a guy in Boom Beach. His boats where full of Heavies. Then I scouted him later and all his boats where empty, but he filled them with Heavies again. No Zookas, no Tanks, nothing else

  6. I've tried this before on a base and it didn't worked but now that I've watched this video i actually defeated someone with the all heavy attack and my troops were not upgraded at all. :3)

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