Dirty Business: what really happens to your recycling

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Thousands of tons of plastic scrap collected for recycling from British households have been transported and dumped on sites across the world.

We follow the trail of the UK’s plastic waste through the country and around the world. Can Britain cope as the largest importer of our recycling shuts the door?

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12 thoughts to “Dirty Business: what really happens to your recycling”

  1. So… we have too much plastic…. and Britain was disgraceful enough to send the ONLY people helping us with it a bunch of trash rather than what they purchased (bottles)… smart move. Britain (& America, & Germany & whoever else did this) has only themselves to blame…. We need massive plastic reduction, and better business practices.

  2. I know the value of everything that goes in the trash, get the human garbage out of the government or it will just keep on piling up. That's your problem.

  3. lol, why I've never recycled. Too much effort and not my problem. Stop packaging absorbingly. Use materials that will degrade. End of the day not the consumer's problem. It's the governments and manufacture problem to fix. Relying on individuals is a waste of time.

  4. Plastic recycling is a joke, they've never organized a workable system so it ends up in incinerators and landfills. It's amazing that everybody has this feel good glow about recycling.

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