How to never again miss a flare or a shock in Boom Beach

boom beach flare guide
boom beach flare guide
BOOM BEACH Cheats Hach Online!

This video has about two years. It was a test for a meeting of Boom Beach players in Portugal. This is a 62″ touch screen that can run android.
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boom beach flare guide

Boom Beach - low level/high vp - unboosted zooka map clearing

PvP attacks with tmoz (level 45, hq 18, 507 vp). All attacks are unboosted smokey zookas.

The average PvP base at this VP is 10+ levels above me.


70x level 17 zookas
31% td
29% th
99% gbe (96 starting)

Most central HQ players make the mistake of having at least one rocket launcher nearby and most corner bases make the mistake of being corner bases… Both give huge openings for zookas and reduce the number of shocks required.

My smoke/flare/shock are all low level but my zookas are fairly high and I love love health packs.

boom beach flare guide

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