“HYPER BARRAGE!” Boom Beach Epic Fun Dr Terror Takedown!


BOOM BEACH Cheats Hach Online!

Hyper Barrage is when you save all your gunboat energy then UNLOAD on Dr Terror in Boom Beach! ✓Subscribe! http://goo.gl/2qkJ8I ✓Get FREE Diamonds! click or type http://bit.ly/teachboombeach…

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33 thoughts to ““HYPER BARRAGE!” Boom Beach Epic Fun Dr Terror Takedown!”

  1. Well that was a “hyper” attack with barrage of wins right there…..
    Get it? Hyper? Barrage?
    Nevermind…..that was so lame…..

  2. 24:13

    builder:oh thank goodness, over a day of non-stop hitting that boom cannon
    with a hammer, finally done now i can re…


    builder: FML

  3. You shocked too early on level 20 lol. By the time they started swinging,
    the shock was halfway over. It’s better to shock as soon as the smoke wears
    off rather than prematurely. 

  4. +nickatnyte or anyone…..if I don’t collect the gold from my houses or the
    boat and let them save up, is that gold available to be taken by an
    attack? I would like to let them sit for a while so I can get a good
    upgrade that will cost me $400k without risking losing it before I can gain
    that much.

  5. #hyperbarageftwswagomghyperbarragesoswagomglikeomgyeshyperbarrageftwswaghashtagsmileyface

  6. Does this guy ever say anything that isn’t stupid, doesn’t make sense, or
    is cringeworthy?

  7. This works internationally, on iOS and Andriod! If you have any problems
    after signing up use the support option at the bottom of the app FMA will
    know I sent you! Enjoy! :)

  8. Biggest question that is asked…. This says you need a US account!?

    There are plenty of people using FMA around the world. Apps may trickle in
    slightly slower as advertisers pay more for certain areas, BUT you will get
    apps and you SHOULD make a US account just to make it slightly easier on
    you. Redeem your iTunes / Google cards to that then buy gems! boom!

  9. Hey this stuff actually works. Now I can play quite a bit of CoC with ease
    after using this every now and then.

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