It’s not about the score: rediscovering my love for VP pushing

boom beach diamond spawn
boom beach diamond spawn
BOOM BEACH Cheats Hach Online!

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boom beach diamond spawn

boom beach diamond spawn and boom beach hack

6 thoughts to “It’s not about the score: rediscovering my love for VP pushing”

  1. Funny you do this with tanks. I just copied Bugatti's layout on my 46 account, and I posted a challenge to my task force wanting to know exactly how this would do against tanks. Apparently not well LOL

  2. This is Boom Beach no the wheel of fortune. 1) raids increase if previously they were few. 2) raids increase if you are for long periods online (the system considers it a form of cheating to avoid being attacked). You have to keep a clean map and do it as soon as possible, if one takes 20 attacks to remove a player is not good, if one stays long period online is not good, if you can not remove all the players on the map this is not good. The full offensive players started to climb thanks to unlimited reservations, first to make troops very quickly you had to use many diamonds and then very expensive, now you have to spend money only by subscription, before it was a privilege of a few hours of many. What is not right and should be considered is the fact that behind the game are built "organizations" that support in turn some players to the detriment of players who do not aggregate. The full offensive do not need to aggregate, the full offensive are stray mines that do not need help, the full offensive are a bolt from the blue that break the chaotic rhythm of the game.This is a game and we are not to decide the rules, we are not the ones to decide what is right or wrong, we can only play and adapt to the game. To cry or stomping on the ground is useless, now in this game you do not have to be just very good but you have to know how to use the brain too. The power of Bullit has been reduced and it was useless, history teaches us that in the past there was a full offensive player that became number one in the world (Klaatu), now the number one has seven ice statues, time will tell !

  3. Great video as always Ryan. With only 3 offensive, you put all offensive VP pushers to silence. It takes skill and you show it. Magic account or not, you’re the real deal. Thanks for always showing us the tips and tricks to taking down these high ice bases. 👍👊💪😉

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