The TRUTH About GEMS in Mobile Gaming!

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boom beach iron diamond cost
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The TRUTH About GEMS in Mobile Gaming – Why You CAN’T PAY Cash! A deeper look into the mobile gaming industry and ‘gems’ – or hard currency, that pretty much every mobile game uses! Whether it is Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach, Hay Day, Brawl Stars, or any OTHER mobile game,

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The Chief Pat Collaborations:
‘Father Son’ Challenge:
Right Lane Rush:

Clash Royale YouTuber Tournament with NickatNyte, Molt, Chief Pat, Godson, Alvaro (The Alvaro845), Clash With Ash, ClashonGan and of course Galadon:
Live 50K gem Tourney:
8,000 players:
First Big ‘Royal’ Tournament:

Clash Royale Updates:
Arena 1 and 2 Strategy:
Tips for Arenas 3 and 4:
Let’s Play, With Galamom:

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Thumbnails by @SythoStudios – follow him on Twitter!

Music: Instrumental Core / Really Slow Motion

boom beach iron diamond cost

boom beach iron diamond cost and boom beach hack

17 thoughts to “The TRUTH About GEMS in Mobile Gaming!”

  1. They have so many good deals that werent a thing back in the day and it makes me happy ywt feel lole i wastes money and time idk

  2. ~3:00 I disagree with you here. I think that the intervals of $1 getting you 80 gems and $5 getting you 500 gems and so on is just to incentivise players to spend more money. If you pay only $1, you get 80 gems. However, if you pay $5 you get 100 gems for each dollar you paid, so 20 "free" gems. If you pay $100, you will be getting 140 gems per dollar, therefore getting 60 "free" gems. This could also explain that they'd rather you make higher purchases to avoid the transaction fees on app stores. Your idea could be plausible, but I think at this point too many people have calculators for this to be an actual issue.

  3. Let's be honest: they want to squeeze out as much money as they can out of you
    Thank god Supercell doesn't put ads in their games

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