TRADING 60 TICKETS (20 CRATES) | Boom beach Trader 7 April

boom beach trader glitch
boom beach trader glitch
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boom beach trader arrived.Watch how many hero tokens i have received after trading 60 tickets.

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boom beach trader glitch

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Realized that I forgot to mention that I’m going offline so I figured an easy way to let everyone know would be to run a quick Trader Stream! The trader will arrive, we’ll chat for a bit, see what the deals are and then I’ll head to ‘no internet’ land for a long weekend.

A quick stream timed when the trader arrives in a mildly futuristic time zone (not that it matters any more) to show off this week’s trader deals. Hopefully this helps you get a head start on saving some resources. I only intended to do this for one week but I’ll keep it going as long as people keep requesting it.

► Haven’t done one in a while. Figured I’d run one to see if we get any temporary gunboat abilities or prototroops!

We’ll spend a few trader tickets, open a few legendary/super magical/rare crates, grab a few hero tokens and then call it a night.

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**TF List:**

Triangle Nine (50 – Leaderboard – FH)

Small Nine (50 – Mid/Max Players – MA)

Epic Nine (25 – Leaderboard – MA)

Baby Nine (25 – Mid/Max Players)

Ice Nine (5 – Leaderboard Pushing)

Fat Fingers ♿ (10 – Leaderboard Pushing)

Minor Nine (50 – Low/Mid/Max Players)

Junior Nine(25 – Teaching for Mid/Max players)

Infant Nine (25 – Teaching/Learning)

Infamous Nine (10 – on break)

Triangle Five (5 – on break)

✌ Anon Moose
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boom beach trader glitch

9 thoughts to “TRADING 60 TICKETS (20 CRATES) | Boom beach Trader 7 April”

  1. I love the Supercell ID. I've been wanting to start an alternate account for a while now, but never really got to it. I just created one 3 days back, and it's so incredibly easy to switch between the accounts with the supercell ID in place 😀

  2. I really like the supercell id, but I wish when you clicked the supercell id button in the program it would show all the accounts there and let you switch from there instead of having to log out and log in. I also wish that it would show the IGN on the log in screen instead of the e-mail address. Sometimes I have to think about which e-mail is associated with which account.

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